Humans view being a “loser” in relative, not absolute, terms

It’s always been a human tendency to compare oneself to others and try to keep up with the Joneses. That’s how we figure out our place in the social hierarchy. There’s safety in being part of the herd; you don’t want to be a straggler that could get picked off by wolves.

Well, what happens when suddenly there are massive numbers of “losers”? I.e., lots of people can’t achieve their goals? Then suddenly there’s not so much pressure to achieve, to keep up with the Joneses. The Joneses are losing right along with you.

If you live in some third-world country where practically everyone is living in a run-down shack, do you really care all that much that you also live in a run-down shack? There’s no embarrassment associated with it. It’s just normal. No wonder, then, that third-worlders often seem so happy and carefree. They don’t have a lot of worries, because it would be hard for them to fall any lower than they already are. The first-worlder, on the other hand, is worried, “If I lose my job, the bank might foreclose on my McMansion, and I might end up living in a run-down shack!”

Well, it’s the same way with incels. If only a small percentage of the population is incel, then it seems shameful. But what happens when a large percentage is incel? Then it starts to seem normal. You look around and there are ordinary guys who are incel. This implies that you don’t need to have anything wrong with you, to be incel, just like in a third-world country, you don’t need to have anything wrong with you, to live in a run-down shack.

That’s what makes incel sites so comfy. There’s this sense of, “You are not alone.” In fact, your online neighbors are in the same boat. And there are millions of them.

When society is in decline, even those who DO have something wrong with them now are on the same level as ordinary people. So for example, in a third-world country, if you have 80 IQ, you might still live in the same kind of run-down shack as the guy with 120 IQ. At that point, IQ doesn’t even matter that much.

And we see in American society too, the normie-tier guy is not doing too much better than the ugly man, in terms of what he’s able to pull. Neither of them is going to get a virginal bride. The normie might get cheated on and frivorce-raped, and lose his kid to his wife. So both the cuck and the incel end up alone, and without any kids to raise.

The incel gets jealous at seeing obnoxious brutes with beautiful blondes on their arms. But the normie also has reason to be jealous about the fact that his wife got fucked by Chad all through her youthful prime, and still fantasizes about Chad and probably cheats with Chad, and won’t give her husband the kind of great sex she gave Chad.

One of the disadvantages of this type of scenario, from the standpoint of society, is that it becomes no longer possible to control and manipulate men by appealing to their desire to keep up with the Joneses. When massive numbers of men have been disenfranchised, then being disenfranchised starts to feel comfy.

It can be demoralizing sometimes to be dehumanized by a bureaucracy that treats everyone the same. Even the rich guy who drives a luxury car has to sit around at the DMV and wait for his number to be called, just like the poor guy who drives a beat-up clunker. From the standpoint of the poor guy, though, being treated equally to the rich guy is a step up in the world.

What society has done, then, in fucking over normies and taking away their sexual prerogatives, is effectively elevate those men who used to be shamed for being incels, by subjecting the masses of men to treatment that is almost as bad as what incels endured. If the normie has to settle for being a cuck, then suddenly being incel doesn’t seem as horrible in comparison as it used to.

The way feminists respond to this state of affairs is by saying, “See, these misogynists are everywhere! There are millions who demonstrate their misogyny by complaining about being forced into inceldom or cuckoldry. This shows how numerically dominant, and therefore powerful, these misogynists are, and how capable they are, by force of numbers, of oppressing all women.” That doesn’t really prove anything, though; that would be like Bashar al-Assad were to say, “Look how many Sunni Muslims there are in the Syrian population; see how they’re in a position to systematically oppress me?”

Femoids say, “1 in 3 women gets raped; that shows we’re oppressed we are.” Actually, it shows how they’re so powerful that they’re in a position to manipulate the statistics, and keep anyone from questioning those statistics by the threat of being called a misogynist. It’s kind of like how the way you know that Jews are actually the powerful ones is that we have to listen constantly to stories about the Holocaust without questioning them.

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