I’m ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater

So Trump is getting rid of birthright citizenship. Good, let’s do that, and let’s ban all other refugees as well. Anything to stop the BuiQuangs of the world from getting in. They come here, and then they support immigrants’ using manipulative tactics to take advantage of U.S. citizens to get visas, and defiling the sanctity of marriage through divorce. It’s not good.

We don’t need that type of person in this country. I used to think refugees were cool, and that letting them in would help cause a “brain drain” in their own country. Well, look what the brain drain gave us — chicks like Nina Kouprianova, who betray their husbands.

They’re not sending their best, that’s for sure. I would even go so far as to say that we should send back the refugees who are already here. Yeah, some of them may have families, etc. but who gives a shit? Nobody cares about marriage or parental rights anyway.

The only foids men get to have any authority over, are foids they’re not allowed to bang

It used to be that if you were in charge of foids, you got to bang them. E.g., a husband was allowed to both bang his wife, and exercise authority over her in other ways. These days, he has neither privilege (she’s allowed to both withhold sex and disobey him in other ways).

Meanwhile, a father can have authority over his daughter, but he’s not allowed to bang her.

A teacher can have authority over his female students, but he’s not allowed bang them.

A boss can have authority over his secretary, but in the #MeToo era, he’s not allowed to bang her.

The situation is set up to maximize the amount of sluttiness that girls can engage in, by eliminating the ability of any man to use his power to make a foid his sexual property. That also eliminates a way by which incels could potentially ascend.

But you know what they say — possession is 9/10ths of the law. No wonder, then, that incest and rape are such common fantasies. A daughter, or a kidnapping victim, etc. are the only femoids a man gets to have physical possession of, so that he can become their de facto owner.

Femoids trying to lure betas into subjugation and/or exploitation will say that a balance of power makes for a good relationship, but it’s actually imbalances of power that are hot. Hence the whole mommygf fetish, and the daddy/daughter fetish that even most normies have to some degree.

Without any legal or cultural pressure for spouses to stay together, couples have to rely on either raw physical attraction (which, sadly, only Chad’s looks can inspire) or some other bond. The tie of consanguinity is immutable, and the love of the parent for the child unconditional; and they already call each other by terms of endearment (e.g. “daddy”) that signal the lines of authority in the relationship.

Moving past BuiQuang

The thing about moving past BuiQuang is, we’re now in the realm of post-morality where any judgments that were made earlier are now irrelevant. “Feeling sorry” or “not feeling sorry” for anyone is now a dead issue. “Fault” is a dead issue. There’s no story anymore; there’s only what happened, and what happened is increasingly a distant memory, with a few unpleasant highlights that stand out.

The problem with relationships, and particularly relationship problems and relationship failures, in this purple-pilled era, is that as a man, you get judged no matter what you do. Even if your relationship is going well, people will try to undermine it; but if it’s going poorly, then people will REALLY give you hell.

The only way out of that damned-if-you-do,-damned-if-you-don’t situation is just not to have a relationship. Of course, chicks will gladly snap up a guy who has something to offer them, and then cheat on him and/or dispose of him as it suits them, knowing he will get all the blame, because he chose to have that relationship and didn’t magically cause it to be as perfect as it would’ve been if he’d been an alpha and/or married a virgin.

A dirty little secret is that in the 21st century, being celibate is actually not all that bad, compared to the alternative that is available to most men, which is to be some sort of cuck — and not just any cuck, but a cuck that society will not even pretend to respect (and which the femoid will cease to pretend to respect, as soon as she no longer needs to).

Rest and peace are good. As part of the devaluation / moving on, I’m going to put away a few reminders of Meshelle, such as that coffee mug she gave me.

Here’s how this moving on deal works, in a nutshell

I get my shit back, and society doesn’t have to listen to me talk about Meshelle anymore (unless they read this blog, which only a couple dozen people a day do).

Society had to go to the trouble of taking my shit to begin with, just like they had to go to the trouble of taking my shit earlier, when they burglarized the place. They get their desired result in the end; they just have to work a little harder for it.

I can’t really oversimplify the narrative

I can’t really simplify the narrative down to just one statement in my own mind, though, because that would be to discount everything else; but it’s probably the best I can do. (At any rate, the good stuff tends to be eclipsed by the bad, unfortunately. That’s just the way it is. You kinda have to devalue when you split up, just like you have to idealize to stay together.)

Actually, I know the real reason(s), but I can’t say what it is, just like I can’t say what it was with Elizabeth. Gur erny ernfbaf (jvgu Zrfuryyr) jrer gung gur frk jnf genfu, naq fur jnf trggvat gbb byq. Naq fb jr pna fnl gung gur erny ernfba jnf gung fur jnf abg n lbhat ivetva, hygvzngryl.

I guess I don’t have to feel too bad if I do devalue her, though, because she’s surely doing the same to me, I would imagine. It’s probably easier for women to do that because they’re more emotional and therefore more subjective, if that makes sense. If emotionality affects her behavior then it would probably also affect her perceptions, because she has to rationalize that behavior.

One of the implications of moving on

is that no one can give me shit about anything that happened in, or with regard to, that marriage — including the decision to marry Meshelle, how I conducted myself within the marriage, or the events or reasons that led to its end, etc. It’s now as though it all never happened.

Even with regard to having a prior record now of marital failure, I can’t say that it would affect me, in terms of future USCIS proceedings, for instance. If I were to somehow become rich (e.g. win the lottery), I don’t think that I would import another bride. I would just go to live in the Philippines or some other place.

It would seem that I won’t be getting involved in politics for the foreseeable future, so I’m just not sure how I would be affected by the record of marital failure. I have a very simple narrative, in any case, that a lot of people seem to agree with.

Moving on is kind of a contract between the divorced man and society — if society continued to give him a hard time, there would be no end of him trying to give society a hard time too, over what they allowed and enabled.

I don’t remember where I left off with this wiki project

I’m looking at code from early August (which was after the hard drive theft but before the search warrant). Well, MediaWiki 1.31 came out in June. But the code was originally designed for MediaWiki 1.28. I can’t remember if I updated the files in Git for 1.31, or if I’ve been just manually patching stuff each time. (Damn, I’m

Well, a quick way to find out. I’ll just compare the parameters and see if they’ve changed at all. Or, I’ll just look at the history of the files. Okay:

$content = ContentHandler::makeContent( $text, $titleObj );

Good. But just to be sure:

public $template = QuickTemplate::class;

So that one’s not so much up-to-date. Hmm. Well, for now, I’m just going to leave that as a task for later, because it’s not an essential part of the minimum viable product. Or, maybe it is, but I just can’t be arsed worrying about it at the moment. I’m probably gonna have to make some changes to it anyway. Reverting back to the v1.31.1 SkinTemplate.php for now.

MediaWiki 1.31.1, by the way, for the foreseeable future will be the official version used for Revisionpedia, unless I see some compelling reason to use a different version (e.g. when the next LTS version comes out).