From now on, anywhere in the incelosphere where I say “Vote Libertarian” it means “Go ER”

The Daily Stormer got into a bind where they had to refrain from advocating violence so that they wouldn’t get subpoenaed; yet if they were to say, “Just sit on your hands because there’s nothing we can do” that would have made it seem like they were denigrating the significance of their own cause.

The reality is that violence, suicide, and other illegal acts could be deemed logical and even justified in light of how a large segment of the population has been reduced to a sexually disenfranchised underclass of slaves. But we’re not allowed to say that.

The workaround Andrew Anglin came up with was to tell his followers, “Vote Republican!” We know that literally voting Republican won’t cause any significant change. Most Republican politicians are cucks who consistently vote for the femiservative agenda. We’ve had a Republican President and Congress for two years now, and life has gotten worse for incels during that time. Censorship has continued eroding even our right to free speech, and the Trump administration has hit sites like with subpoenas without sufficient evidence to support a determination of probable cause.

Brett Kavanaugh got put on the Supreme Court, and he promptly chose a bunch of femoids to be his law clerks, because he’s such a good little beta that he gets along with ambitious career femoids well. He definitely has not said anything about how the way he was treated during the confirmation process demonstrates how femoids need to be put in their place. Do you really think this guy is going to overturn Roe v. Wade — or that if he did, that would bring back patriarchy?

Over on the other forum, I got hit with a 10% warning level for saying, “We know what needs to be done; it’s just a matter of getting up and doing it.” We can’t even make oblique references to going ER now, I guess because some filmmaker might put it in a dramatization of the incelosphere. We can expect that the major incel forum(s) will become more and more cucked in an effort to survive, until they either (1) become completely irrelevant or (2) get shut down even after they’ve reached maximum cuckoldry, the way that Return of Kings and r/TheRedPill got shut down, even though they disallowed saying anything all that misogynistic.

Do you really think that in the 21st century, it’s going to be allowed for a high-profile Internet forum to be “noninclusive” by disallowing femoid users, and to be “misogynistic” by saying the behavior femoids are allowed to get away with is the cause of our problems? The other forum (don’t know what to call it, since they’ve been switching domains) doesn’t even allow white knighting or the expression of bluepilled views. Do you think Iceland is going to let that fly?

However, if people on the Internet see us saying, “Vote Libertarian” they can’t really screenshot that and use it against us. We’re just advocating the use of the democratic process to get our ideals implemented; nothing wrong with that. And guess what, the original Libertarian party platform used “sexist” language, in the same way the Declaration of Independence did. It was only over time that they became cucked into being a left-of-center party.

Remember too what that patriarchist shitlord Murray Rothbard wrote, “Having a desire for a ham sandwich, a man decides that this is a want that should be satisfied and proceeds to act upon his judgment of the methods by which a ham sandwich can be assembled. . . . Typically, in order to produce a ham sandwich for Jones in his armchair, it is necessary for his wife to expend energy in unwrapping the bread, slicing the ham, placing the ham between bread slices, and carrying it to Jones.” It was just assumed back then that femoids existed to serve men.

Who are these people on VisaJourney, anyway?

We probably have a fair number of bluepilled normies; then there are chicks who scammed their way into the U.S. by one means or another. Maybe they claimed they loved their American husband more than they loved Chad. That’s a pretty common scam. Whether they’re still with him or not, they didn’t save their best for him, although they probably led him to believe they preferred him to Chad.

Then of course there are the types of agenda-pushing feminists who try to take over every online community.

Any “misogynists” such as myself probably got driven out a long time ago (through moderator intervention in discussions, etc.), so that’s why these threads are dominated by people like BuiQuang who get a lot of upvotes sometimes. It’s just another online community that got taken over by cucks and femoids.

When you look at it from a racial perspective, why do spousal and fiancée visas need to exist?

The white people coming into this country from western Europe, we can just allow into the country visa-free. Why not? They’re the same as us.

The only other people who would need to come into the country would be Filipinas, eastern European Slavs, etc. But we don’t need to worry about vetting them to make sure that they are sincere about wanting a relationship. We can just let them in as housepets of U.S. citizens. They should have no rights whatsoever.

The only reason to let non-white spouses in, is if a U.S. citizen can’t get a white spouse. But in those cases, there’s a danger that the person is just going to take the green card and run. So, that’s why they can’t have any rights. White U.S. citizens would generally not be seeking a non-white spouse, or a foreign spouse, unless they had some flaw that was keeping them from getting a white American spouse.

Elizabeth Warren isn’t really unreasonable to claim Native American heritage, if they’re in her bloodline from 6-10 generations ago

I used to see people come into family court and the judge would ask them if they had any Indian ancestry, and they would say they had some from way back; so she would invoke the provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act, which is a major pain in the ass because it involves yet another participant (the Indian tribe) in an already complicated set of proceedings.

If they’re going to count all those white guys as Indian, then they might as well count Elizabeth Warren as Indian too.