With Shaun Brown kicked off the ballot, there are no independent U.S. House candidates left standing in Virginia

It turned out that Shaun Brown got kicked off the ballot after all, and that it’s now too late for her to litigate to get her name back on it.

I don’t like how the Democrats handled this. It seems like they could’ve challenged her petitions a lot earlier, so that she could’ve had more time to litigate her case. We may see more of this type of shenanigans in future elections, but I guess I don’t need to worry about it too much, since I apparently won’t be running. It might mean I have fewer choices on the ballot when I go to vote, though.

Anyway, like I was saying earlier, no Whigs made it onto the ballot, and I’ve withdrawn from my election, so with Brown also out of the race, that leaves no independents left on any Virginia ballots for U.S. House this year. Three “Libertarians” (Pete Wells, Joe Walton, and Stevan Porter) did make it onto the ballot for U.S. House, but that’s it.

I dunno; fuck electoral politics anyway. It’s so hard to get any consistent support. But like I was telling the BBC the other day, I’m a pioneer, not a leader, so that would explain that.

Anyway — if you’re doing ballot access petitioning, it’s going to be all the more important to turn in more sigs than you need, because we’re now in an era in Virginia where opposing parties may take you to court to challenge your petitions, the same way they do in other states.

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