I still look at life mostly as a collaboration

If there’s rivalry between opposing groups, I view it mostly as friendly rivalry.  Yeah, some people want to destroy the existence of our people, but they can’t do it without our help. Our biggest threat is ourselves.

Anyway, there are certain rules to the friendly rivalry. In my view, the bounds were overstepped by those who took my stuff and forced me out of the race. That’s why you don’t see me creating new sites or running for office anymore.

If I become part of the collaboration by joining the friendly rivalry, it’s under the condition that it stay friendly, civilized, etc. I’m actually volunteering effort because I want to help. If people don’t want my help (which they indicate by demonstrating that my participation is unwelcome), then fuck them. They can suffer the consequences of not having me be involved.

Then they’re stuck with the stale politics as usual. I don’t care; I can LDAR as long as I need to. As soon I have some someone to help me, I can go ER. If there’s no one to help me, that’s not my fault.

Even rape is usually a collaboration. Usually the rape “victim” put themselves in a situation where they would be vulnerable to getting raped, because they wanted to get raped.


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