BuiQuang is very mysterious

One thing about BuiQuang is, we don’t actually know a lot about them. Do they even have a successful relationship, or are they just talking out of their ass? Hard to say.

It’s hard to pigeonhole BuiQuang, because there’s not a lot of information; they haven’t posted a lot of stuff. But I can see that usually their advice hasn’t been all that helpful; e.g. telling a woman who got fucked over by her immigrant husband that she should just forget about him and move on with her life is pretty platitudinal.

5 thoughts on “BuiQuang is very mysterious

  1. I guess you are wondering where Holocaust21 is . Well…lol I found out his identity and then the p8licexarrested him for CP. His life is ruined and his wife has been going frantic posting on Facebook. ha ha ha


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