My answer to BuiQuang

He writes:

Why should anyone feel sorry for you?

Because anyone could be next. We have to join together in pushing back against the practice of making false rape accusations (marital rape being, in all cases, a false accusation, by the way, since there’s no such thing as marital rape). Otherwise, femoids will just get more and more out of control with their tendency to make false accusations, and it’s going to affect all of us.

Even Chad might have to worry that some of his beta offspring could get victimized by femoids. BuiQuang also writes:

You didn’t get enough warnings not to marry?

We went over earlier the question of whether I was really warned not to marry; but even if the first line of defense is not to marry in this type of situation, it doesn’t hurt to have a second line of defense. Women should not be rewarded for making false accusations, because it’s just going to encourage the making of more false accusations. Meshelle will be encouraged by this to make false accusations against other men, and other women who hear about the case will be encouraged to make false accusations as well. As a cultural norm of making false accusations takes root, we end up with, e.g., the kind of accusations we’re seeing against Brett Kavanaugh. It ends up affecting everyone.

You both used each other and you lost. Too bad, so sad for you. Obviously, you the victim. You did not plan to hold green card over her head to gain control. You the good guy.

Is there something wrong with holding the green card over her head to gain control? Isn’t she my property, to do with as I want? He also writes:

Also, as her husband, you are obligated morally and legally to support her. Giving her room and board and all her basic necessities was not generosity or holding up a deal. It’s your legal obligation. Also, I don’t know any couple who makes a deal for room and board. You have no idea what a marriage is. You only wanted to use this woman to be a breadwinner while you stay at home and not work as posted in posts from 2014.

Isn’t it my moral right to make whatever deal I want with my wife, and even force her into slavery to support the family, if I want? Isn’t marriage about making a woman my property, and exercising absolute power over her, and treating her however I like, and doing whatever I want with her? As a husband, isn’t it my role to make those types of decisions as I see fit?

The affidavit of support says that I’m supposed to support my wife. That could include having her support herself and the rest of the family; I would just be delegating the support responsibility to her. If the state interferes with my patriarchal prerogatives and allows her to leave, that’s the state’s fault.

How is he going to be a traditionalist, and yet also support divorce? If he says that the man has a moral obligation to work, then why is he not also saying that the couple has a moral obligation to stay together rather than divorcing?

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