If “there is nothing else that can be said that hasn’t” then why do you need to close the thread?

Ontarkie wrote:

~~After review of this thread it will remain locked. Members have continually given you advice you have ignored there is nothing alse that can be said that hasn’t. This thread is not to be restarted in any form.~~

Wouldn’t the conversation just naturally die out if there was nothing else to be said that hadn’t? Sounds to me like an attempt to derail a search for the truth before it could arrive as its destination.

Oh well. As I was recently writing, “The cool thing about barbarians is that once malevolent, antisocial forces within civilization destroy said civilization, the barbarians will do our dirty work for us, of wreaking destruction upon our enemies within. Of course, we ourselves might also get destroyed, but oh well! Sometimes my hatred is so great that this seems like a small price to pay.”

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