The PowerTalk possibility

Another way of looking at that VisaJourney convo is that a lot of the responses may have just been a bunch of PowerTalk. We know that foids, once they reach a certain age, are always going to take wives’ side against husbands (because they want to attract beta men to wife them up, or to play the role of orbiters to potentially wife them up later), and that beta men will play the white knight by taking wives’ side in order to attract foids who are looking for a beta to wife them up. So, that could’ve been what was going on.

Why did they cut short the convo? Because StraightTalk would’ve overcome PowerTalk, if the convo had been allowed to continue. (If the convo continues, then eventually you get to the bottom of what’s going on, unless the convo has really gone to shit in a way that’s just going to keep escalating; but why would that be the case?)

Anyway, it’s just another reason to hate them. And the moderator might say, “The purpose of VisaJourney is to give advice about the visa process, not debate relationship issues” but the majority of the convo was people trying to shame me over relationship issues rather than give advice about the visa process, so that’s a double standard.

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