Foids admit they feel more traumatized when a beta rapes them than when Chad rapes them

I was reading this brochure about marital rape:

Studies indicate that women are especially traumatized by a rape at the hands of a spouse. They are violated by someone with whom they share their lives, homes, and possibly children. In addition to violation of their bodies, they are faced with a betrayal of trust and intimacy. . . . . Marital rape victims suffer long-lasting physical and psychological injuries that are as severe or more severe than victims of stranger rape experience. Effects include: humiliation

What’s probably going on there is twofold. First, the whole point of why a foid got married was so that, after she gave the best years of her life to Chad, she could be in a position to trade the minimum amount of sex possible to a betabuxx (i.e. as little as she can get by with) for the maximum amount of money (since she’s going to own half of everything he has). Maybe at some point she can even get away with having a dead bedroom at home while she cheats with Chad on the side, because her hubby feels obligated to stay with her for the good of the kids. But, if he rapes her, then he’s depriving her of what she feels entitled to, which is the privilege of saving her body only for Chad.

Think about it — why would it be more “humiliating” to be raped by a husband than to be raped by some random black dude in an alley? Probably because the husband is a beta, but Tyrone is a sexy hunk with a satisfying BBC. So even if he forces her into a submissive stance and fucks her up the ass and then shoves it down her throat, that isn’t as humiliating as when her husband keeps begging her for sex as though he has any right to ask for such a thing, and then she finally acquiesces and feels raped later because she finds betas repulsive. Foids are used to thinking of themselves as higher up in the socio-sexual hierarchy than betas, so when a beta (or, god forbid, a beta) even looks at her sexually, she feels degraded and violated.

Second, during a divorce, foids feel the need to exaggerate how traumatized they were by whatever their husband allegedly did, so they can make a case for why it was necessary and right of them to break up the family. When they get raped by some random Tyrone, there’s not really any need to exaggerate the trauma, because what would be the point? He’s probably broke and at any rate, since they’re not married, she can’t divorce him and use the rape as a pretext to loot him of everything he has.

One of the reasons divorced MGTOWs are often so bitter is that they found out the hard way that, after they wifed up a girl, they actually got treated worse by society than if they had only fornicated with her. Foids view husbands as inherently overbearing and oppressive, because a husband wants to monopolize her holes. Therefore, society is always trying to demoralize husbands and take them down a peg by showing them that their status is nothing special; on the contrary, a husband is culturally and sometimes legally viewed as having responsibilities that a boyfriend doesn’t, yet he has no rights that a boyfriend doesn’t have.

I hear a lot of incels say, “I just want a nice girl to wife up.” I can understand the desire to do that, if we lived in some society where men actually had authority over their wives. But why desire to be a husband, in our current society? That just screams either, “I’M A CHUMP” or “I’M A BETA” or both. Chad would say to her, “You’re lucky I even give you the privilege of jumping on my cock; don’t make me laugh by thinking out loud that you can give me some ultimatum that will get me to MARRY you. Hahahahaha, too late, I’m already laughing.”

Logically, a girl should have every reason to trust that a beta is not going to dump her. After all, what options would he have if he did? The only man she needs to lock down through marriage is a Chad, since he does in fact have many other girls he could dump her for. Yet a girl has no way of locking down Chad, because Chad has too many competing girls who DON’T demand marriage in exchange for sex.

So the only time marriage happens is when it’s actually the girl, rather than the guy, who is untrustworthy. She wants to lock down a beta so that she can then abuse him by being unaffectionate, disloyal, etc. while still taking his money. And she wants to be able to play the victim by saying, “As my husband, he had all the power in the relationship” even though a modern husband has zero power, or less than zero power, in a relationship. Society is so eager to put husbands in their place and show them that their marriage gives them no authority to boss around their wife, that they go way in the opposite direction, of giving the wife all the leverage she could possibly want to fuck over her husband completely by claiming domestic abuse. This would be a non-issue if they lived separately rather than under the same roof, where she can claim he’s engaging in all sorts of domineering behavior that she has to put up with because they live together in a place that he pays the mortgage on.

Ironically, the more he fulfills his marital responsibility to take care of her and provide for her, the more she can claim that he’s subjecting her to financial abuse because she’s dependent on his money rather than having her own money. (The remedy, of course, is for a court to then forcibly transfer his wealth over to her, to supposedly even the scales of power.) Yet, on the other hand, if she does have her own job, then maybe she’s going to be more successful in her career (since so many people want to help a foid climb the ladder these days), and then she’ll despise her husband for that reason. So no matter what, he loses.

I see people get excited, “I’VE ASCENDED!” yet that often just means moving from one circle of hell to another. Even Chad gets cheated on, because these days girls feel entitled to multiple Chads. Another Chad is just a Tinder swipe away, and already been banged out by so many that even any one particular Chad doesn’t seem all that special anymore. She’s gone from comparing betas unfavorably to Chad, to comparing each new Chad to other Chads she’s been with, and trying to figure out which is the true alpha Chad. Yet it gets to a point where she realizes, she likes a lot of traits from many different Chads, so really what she needs is a composite Chad who’s a mixture of all the special characteristics she liked in the various Chads she fucked over the years. But since she can’t have that, to keep enjoying what each Chad has to offer, she’ll just keep needing to bang ALL those Chads, which isn’t hard to do since she’s still connected to them on social media.

All you can really do is just get high, masturbate, play vidya, browse the Internet, and know that you were going to lose no matter what you did.

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