The “warnings not to marry”

So over at VisaJourney, they wrote:

perhaps you should have taken everyone elses advice. i guess she was really in love with you and didnt care at all about the greencard:/


You aren’t taking in any of the advise given, but keep going back to statistics which have nothing to do with you.


You don’t know what you are doing. You were warned not to marry her. You don’t have a clue.


Exactly, you signed up for this even after everyone warned you not to marry her.


Why should anyone feel sorry for you? You didn’t get enough warnings not to marry?


The same people telling you to contest restraining order are same one who told u not to marry in 2014. Maybe, they smart and know things better than u.

(By the way, I don’t know that it was the same individuals giving both advice; the two threads mostly had different participants.) Also:

Bring an immigrant wife to US and expect her to go to work or start a business to support you while you no work is lack common sense. People warned you and you ignored them.


I see people tell u not to marry her.


~~After review of this thread it will remain locked. Members have continually given you advice you have ignored there is nothing alse that can be said that hasn’t. This thread is not to be restarted in any form.~~

The thing is, the advice from 2014 didn’t really impart any red pill knowledge or wisdom. They said nothing about the alpha fuxx/beta buxx feminine imperative (which means that a girl is unlikely to stay with you just because she loves your personality, without you giving her money, unless you’re Chad), for instance, or how non-virgins tend to be more disloyal, or how there’s no such thing as relationship equity, or about Facebookers.

The nonexistence of relationship equity means that you need to have ongoing relevance

When men get criticized harshly on VisaJourney, it’s usually because they weren’t devoting themselves fully to putting a woman’s interests first, or they were demanding something in return for what they had done or, worse, what they had done in the past. At the very least, to get ANY respect from women, men need to have ongoing relevance — they need to be contributing something in the present. A woman’s interest in a non-Chad isn’t even about “what have you done for me lately”; it’s about “what are you going to do for me now and in the future?”

By the way, back in 2014 they weren’t really “warning me not to marry”

If you look at the posts, they were expressing some doubts, suggestions, etc. but they didn’t straight-up warn me not to marry. They were just saying there was some stuff to consider, and some possibilities that might be worth exploring.

But let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, they did give me a warning and the warning was right. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so who’s to say that means they’re going to be right about other stuff? I see inaccurate and questionable stuff on there all the time.

I don’t recall being warned that if I married Meshelle, there might be a false rape allegation

They might have said the marriage would be a “train wreck” but I they didn’t really say it could end QUITE that catastrophically.

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