Some other thoughts on Final Fantasy

I’ve now beaten Final Fantasy twice, once using the fighter-fighter-fighter-fighter party, and once using the blackbelt-blackbelt-thief-thief party. Some thoughts:

  • Repeatedly defeating the Eye guarding the Floater chest in the Ice cave is an underrated way of grinding your way to a level-up. It beats the Hall of Giants and the Power Peninsula. The only scary part is that you might encounter some Sorcerers or other lethal creatures on your way out.
  • The Thief seems like an overrated character. Given his many mediocrities, he seems similar to a Red Mage, in that he’ll leave you frustrated that he can’t be as good as a Fighter, Black Mage, etc.
  • You never really get to a point of having total dominance over creatures like Frost Wolves, because they can usually use their numerical advantage to get off some Frost spells before you have a chance to wipe them out with a FIR2 or FIR3 spell.
  • Chaos doesn’t seem like that hard of a foe. The second Kraken is actually more dangerous, because each physical attack he makes will usually wipe out one of your guys. Survival against him is mostly a matter of luck.
  • The only dungeon where running out of resources is a major problem is the Template of Fiends Past. The last time, when I got toward the end, I said “Fuck the Masmune” and went straight toward Tiamat and Chaos, since I was out of heal potions and didn’t have any heal spells.

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