6 thoughts on “So what’s caamib up to these days?

  1. Haven’t seen him in a while. Damn, there are so few people involved in this thing, that each and every member is important.

    I just wanna have what Anglin’s having; or at least what Moldbug and Jim have. Alas, for all of my (((self-promotion))) regarding the matter, my IQ just probably isn’t all that high.

    But what I lack in IQ, I may make-up with sheer enthusiasm.


  2. We didn’t really band together as a community the way we needed to. Ideally, someone should’ve helped caamib get another forum started, but that didn’t happen. He’s too abrasive to function on anyone else’s forum, so he needs his own forum, where he can make the rules and leverage his connections.

    Incels.me can function as a central hangout and refuge for those whose forums have been shut down; but a lot of times, if people haven’t been banned from there, they’re content to just keep hanging out there rather than creating a new forum.

    Over at Truecels.org, I broached the idea of setting up a Rapecels site to succeed Incelocalypse, but I don’t actually have any intention of launching that project in the near future. What I will probably do is wait till the next time my brother-in-law is scheduled to come over here, and then get a server for him to set up, since he knows how to do it. But by now, it’s established that the thieves and/or the cops can pretty much come in here whenever they want and take computer equipment, so my home isn’t really a safe haven, unless we set up some offsite backups.

    Here’s my Truecels post, which explains my predicament somewhat: https://truecels.org/threads/idea-for-new-darkweb-incelocalypse-successor-site-rapecels.687


  3. You’re getting it completely wrong, of course. The idea that I’m abrasive makes sense only if you think I should function among animals like those at Incels. me or Truecels forum, where no sane rules are upheld and there are rules that promote insane behavior. I haven’t even looked the other one but know it is a cesspool of nonsense just like the first one.

    In fact, in incel communities people who were actually abrasive for no reason were kicked out. Morons came to these communities and told me how to run them. They’d do exactly the same if I started one now, just like niggers come to civilized countries from their shitholes and want to turn them into shitholes as well.

    You got it exactly backwards,

    Anyway, I’m not here because I’m busy with other things. Once I am no longer busy I’ll come back. It is as simple as that really. There are more pressing issues right now in my life.


  4. Also, just to clarify – the issue isn’t that they’d come and tell me how to run my site. I ban such people. I’m just saying that these mainstream current incels are as dumb and violent as niggers and are attracted to civilized places which they want to fuck up. It’s like how third world scum comes to US and wants the same policies that ruined their original countries.


  5. Good to know you’re still alive. Anyway, yeah, I acknowledge that you’re able to get along with people better when you have your own forum than when you’re hanging out on others’ forums. Some people are just born leaders rather than followers; they were meant to make their own rules rather than obey others’.


  6. Well, that is so if the rules are insane and a sane man can’t follow them. For example, before LS.com went into decline and obscurity it had good rules and a sane community, so I was never banned there. Of course I will get banned and look abrasive on crazy forums that ban even questioning lookism. But such forums are destroying themselves since they function as cults by banning such discussions and disallowing women. In the end, they will come to me and tell me how to run my forum. But to that they just be banned.


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