Of course manosphere 1.0 was just a gateway to other things

That’s why they put a “1.0” at the end.

Don’t make me get into a beef with you, Tom Grauer, because I will start an unnecessary, unjustified, and uncalled-for feud for the purpose of artificially boosting my blog traffic through drama. You can be the next Machine Gun Kelly!

Of course, if this blog did start to attract a lot of notice, publicity, etc. I would probably have to take it private

Therefore, if you want to keep the blog public, you have to not take the bait — at least, not in any way that would actually accomplish the goal of attracting a bunch of attention. This means you’re utterly disarmed against any attacks I might wish to make.

Even though I’m not Jewish, I’m still going to rub my hands together like Gargamel at the prospect.

2 thoughts on “Of course manosphere 1.0 was just a gateway to other things

  1. Holy shit, you kiked me with this scheme of yours. Man, you can probably be (are already?) a great chess player – the intricacy of your machinations!


  2. I’m the son of Italian-American gangsters, and that’s made me learn a lot of things, like kicking you in the back of the knee, kneeling and slitting your throat with my razor. Your death will come after 3 to 5 seconds while you are on your knees having spasms and you feel like all your blood comes out of your torn neck and you become affixed, the 3 to 5 seconds most painful of your life. And you end this life in a pool of blood.


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