Hey incels, why do you want a femoid, anyway?, Part II

Feminism brings out the worst in both men and women. You probably already observe it both in the women around you, and in yourself — and maybe even in other men, since a lot of men who didn’t act like assholes toward women back in the days of patriarchy do so now because they find they’re sexually rewarded for it.

Well anyway — because of feminism you can expect that in your interactions with women, you’ll have to deal with their sluttiness (toward Chad, not you), their bitchiness, and everything else that comes with the loss of masculinity in men and the loss of femininity in women. There may even come a point where you prefer to be single than to have a wife or girlfriend. I would know — I’ve been there! If a girl ever asks you, “Should I just leave” and you know you’re not going to have any girl after she’s gone, but you tell her “Yes, you should go” anyway, that’s how you know things have reached a sorry state. That truly is when you’ve reached a state of MGTOW, because you had the option to not be single, but you chose to be single anyway.

Under feminism, you never really get to own anything

You don’t get to own a house, because half of it’s owned by your wife. (Or I should say, the part that the bank doesn’t own, your wife owns jointly with you.)

You don’t get to own your wife, either, even though you paid for her in a way, by choosing her over other femoids, and having kids with her that you’ve gotten emotionally attached to and feel morally obligated to continue to try to look after the best interests of.

Women want a man they can look up to; but how is she supposed to do that, given her position of equality? If the two of you are in an “equal” position, actually, she’s elevated above you, because she can get sex for free and you can’t (unless you’re Chad).

2 thoughts on “Hey incels, why do you want a femoid, anyway?, Part II

  1. One should burn to death if you think for a second incest of pedophilia is acceptable
    I am non denominational, but ya’ll need jesus
    Sidenote, I will engage in mutual combat to the death if fitting


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