Someone pointed out that it’s disempowering to play the victim

The thing about that is, women don’t really care much about being empowered; they just want men to sympathize with their plight, and help them by giving them resources, protection, etc. They don’t need power, if they can manipulate men into using power on their behalf.

If women were powerful, they’d be expected to stand on their own; therefore, it actually works to their advantage to be regarded as powerless, since it frees them from having to develop strength. A powerful woman isn’t viewed as more attractive than a powerless woman, so she really has no incentive to be strong.

Men rarely play the victim unless they really need to, so they assume that women will be the same way. This is similar to how men rarely cry, so they assume that women wouldn’t cry unless truly is severe distress; or how men rarely lie, so they’re inclined to believe what women say.

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