Hey, I’m about to become eligible to join the National Alliance!

1489381530977As soon as the final decree in my divorce case gets signed by the judge, I guess I’ll be a white guy in good standing once more, as defined by these criteria:

Eligibility: Any White person (a non-Jewish person of wholly European ancestry) of good character and at least 18 years of age who accepts as his own the goals of the National Alliance and who is willing to support the program described in What is the National Alliance? may apply for membership.

Ineligible persons: No homosexual or bisexual person, no person actively addicted to alcohol or to an illegal drug, no person with a non-White spouse or a non-White dependent, and, except in extraordinary circumstances, no person currently confined in a penal institution may be a member. (The National Alliance does not advocate any illegal activity and expects its members to conduct themselves accordingly.)

Unfortunately, I can’t afford the $20 monthly dues. Geez, that’s $240/year! I could join a professional organization for less than that (and probably wouldn’t have to pay the dues anyway, because usually employers cover that). Exercising my white privilege to be part of that group sure is expensive.

So it seems from these membership criteria that Anglin could knock up a southeast Asian girl and still be eligible for National Alliance membership as long as he abandoned his baba mama and her offspring.

4 thoughts on “Hey, I’m about to become eligible to join the National Alliance!

  1. Not sure if i like the new NA, i was writing on their forom for a while but i didn’t get much good feedback on what i wrote.

    Will williams is way past his prime and he hasn’t really accomplished much in terms of intellectual work, the ones actually doing that is Keven Alfred Strom.

    I do not agree with the sexual morality strong is preaching , not sure if he believes that shit himself though since he was convicted for peadophilia.

    You should follow this 2 rules
    -do not get involved with shit.
    -do not donate anything to anyone that isn’t a blood relative.


  2. It seems like a peculiar coincidence that the NA ‘does not advocate ANY illegal activity.’ It sounds as if they were busy advocating several things, then just so happened to draw the line at where the government sets the law. The expectation to ‘conduct themselves accordingly’ sounds like it may have hampered your activities, although it depends. A description of their fundamental principles is a strange place for such an announcement, whatever their motive.

    It does come off as an organisation which looks out for its own benefit more than any ideals per se.


  3. Thanks.

    Alright. I’ll try to get on that, although I probably won’t use a WordPress account for anything at the moment. I’ll have to check on if there’s anything to do with it if created. Is there a current setting which accepts WordPress accounts generally, or only ones which have subscribed to or posted on this blog? Anyway, thanks, I’ll take a look.


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