It’s a melancholy day

So, I’m back to coding the same old shit again — a bot to gather recent changes from Wikipedia and push them to a local wiki. Except this time, I’m writing in Python. When will there ever come a time when I can actually make progress beyond implementing the same stuff over and over? When will I ever be able to bring this kind of wiki into production, rather than just having a test wiki on my localhost?

I feel bad about my decision to drop out of the race, because my original plan was actually kinda brilliant — run in the 10th district, where it’s going to be a close race in a district full of wealthy and powerful voters who think both major party candidates suck.

Back in June, when my campaign was first reported in the press, people didn’t talk much about the particular district I was running in. As we got into campaign season, though, that would’ve been talked about more, since the voters in that particular district were going to need to make a decision.

I spent a lot of time driving over to places like Leesburg, because it was important to run in the 10th rather than, say, the 1st (my home district), where the race is less exciting because the incumbent is pretty much assured of victory.

So yeah, I feel pretty depressed about that. It’s just another missed opportunity and bad decision on my part. Like I say, I wish someone had told me about the campground idea, or that it had occurred to me.

The only silver lining is that maybe eventually I’ll make an even worse decision that’ll overshadow this one. But this one was pretty bad.

UPDATE: Well, I talked to my mom and she said that even if I had left the house to go live somewhere else, it might have satisfied some people at her workplace but not others, because some people were still worried about the possibility that the connection between us was going to get publicly exposed.

My thought was that the media didn’t want to push me out of the race, though, by applying pressure to my mom. As Conchis was saying:

I don’t think the press wanted you out of the race. “The pedophile ex-felon white supremacist who loves Hitler and threatened Barack Obama and who is running for office” is too good a story. I don’t see why the press would have wanted to force you out of the race. Now Jesselyn Cook is going to have to find another story to entice beta shlubs to write for her in hopes of someday touching those milkers.

Yeah, it’s hard to say whether my dropping out was inevitable, or if I could’ve found a way to stay in, but it sure is disappointing. Oh well; I guess, like so much else, I just have to accept it.

The thing is, though — if you stick to your guns, and keep putting your views out there, and don’t back down, then to some extent, people might start to accept them, because part of them believes that you wouldn’t be taking such a die-hard stance if you weren’t confident in what you believe; nor would you be so confident if there weren’t some truth to what you were saying. So if I had stayed in, maybe I could’ve reached that point, and made that difference, and in some respects it would’ve made things easier for me. Maybe I would’ve gained some respect.

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