I was going to post this to Tom Grauer’s blog, but since his blog could go down at any time, I’ll just post it here

I’m just wondering, how much confidence do you have in your own convictions? Because the more confidence you have, the more you can withstand adversity.

You and I have both had times recently when we were on the cusp of success, and then got attacked and trashed our work. (In my case, it was by withdrawing from the election right before campaign season was about to start, because my mom was worried her livelihood might be under threat due to her association with me.)

The thing about it is, as you’re about to accomplish something big, that’s when you’ll get put to the test, to see whether you have enough confidence in your convictions to stay the course even when you’re being attacked. And by that, I’m not just referring to attacks on your ideas, which you can counter easily with your keyboard; I’m talking about attacks on you, your family, etc.

They’re going to test you, to see if you really believe in what you say enough that you’re going to put something that actually matters IRL on the line for it. If you say, “I have to take care of my family first” then you fail the test because those who have the strength of their convictions say, “I have to put my cause first.” And the thing about that is, when you put the cause first, then people realize, “Oh, he has the strength of his convictions” and they respect that and back off somewhat.

If you surrender, though, then they say, “Our victory proves we were right, because the strength of his convictions wasn’t enough to sustain him and keep him from folding.” Any time someone surrenders when they didn’t absolutely have to, that’s taken as weakness (and it actually creates weakness, as Hitler pointed out; it tends to lead to further surrenders).

When people say, “Your ideas are wrong! You should stop putting them out there!” and make credible threats and attacks, a lot of times, they’re not just trying to coerce you into shutting up; they’re also testing you. It feels good at first to surrender, and think, “Ah, I did what people wanted me to do, so now I’ve pleased them” but eventually you realize you failed the test, and that’s when the regret comes.

Those who fight, and endure pain and sacrifice for their causes, others can’t help but respect, even if they disagree with them. And they have to at least partly believe that there must be some truth to your ideas, because people don’t usually fight hard for ideas that are entirely junk. Behind strong conviction, there’s usually some truth.

Or does it sometimes not work that way?

A lot of people have made sacrifices; there were all those tree-sitters who got threatened with arrest for blocking the pipelines, for instance. Do they convince anyone of their views? Probably what they do is bolster the morale of those who already agree with them, which is just as important sometimes.

What needs to happen, though, is that the supporters of causes find ways to take care of their own heroes. So, for example, Tony Hovater’s buddies should’ve helped him find new employment, after he got canned. Maybe they did do that.

The alternative is that someone like Tony should go DyRo, and let the prison system take care of him for the rest of his life. But not too many men have it in them to go DyRo.

Someone like me sucks at most jobs, so therefore it wouldn’t do much good if friends tried to find me employment. I have to be supported by my mom or by the state, etc. unless I’m going to live a very meager existence earning close to minimum wage. Therefore, maybe it really was inevitable that I drop out of the race, if there wasn’t any other way of protecting my family from financial disaster.

But at some point, if pedos have a cause worth fighting for, they should band together to protect their interests. There must be pedos out there who either have neetbuxx or are competent enough at their jobs that if their fellow pedos can protect their livelihood, they can survive.

One thought on “I was going to post this to Tom Grauer’s blog, but since his blog could go down at any time, I’ll just post it here

  1. Since I don’t really believe that reality is “real,” I have managed to emotionally distance myself from the bad stuff that happens in “real” life, such as being kicked out of Einat’s home in Ruppin 30 (Rehovot), becoming an incel, going through divorce, not having access to my son, the Levines’ demand for rape-tier child support payments, not having a PC anymore because I destroyed the one I had, etc.

    My mom claims that I engage in escapism, which is probably true. My whole life has been destroyed but I’m just as cheerful — nay, euphoric — as yesterday, because being a whiney sort of a kike just isn’t in my DNA.

    But yeah, what else are they going to do? I no longer believe that they’ll actually do anything to me in meatspace. They may hack my stuff if I ever become successful, but so what? I’m not going to sink to defeatism just because I might be defeated.

    In addition to my OCD-like traits, I also probably have some kind of a depersonalization + derealization disorder. Had it since age 12. So, while I can and do get spooked out sometimes, ultimately I don’t care all that much. That’s why I keep on struggling.

    If reality itself might be fake, then there just isn’t too much to lose in the world, right?


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