So are there any death squads I can hand myself over to for execution?

Supposedly, there were going to be some right wing death squads, but I heard that’s just a meme. What about Antifa; don’t they have anyone available who can kill me upon request? I mean, both sides of the political spectrum consider me pretty degenerate.

I’m thinking of just going down to the Manassas resident agency and lying down near the entrance, to get arrested for trespassing. That would just be in protest over the kind of life I’m forced to live these days, as a convicted felon. There are other kinds of protests I could do, but I have no money, so it’s not like I can buy some weed and get arrested for smoking it in Barbara Comstock’s office. No, I have to commit the kind of protest that indigent guys commit.

I suppose I could tell the guards that I’m protesting the FBI’s prosecution of victimless crimes. Hmm, what kinds of crimes might those be? Child pornography, insider trading, … what else? Possession of a firearm by a felon. Illegal immigration. I’m sure there are quite a few such statutes, which I might find objectionable if I were to peruse the criminal code. That should be enough for now, though.

The alt-right favors enforcing immigration laws, but I think it’s kinda retarded to throw illegal immigrants in prison. Usually they do that if the person got deported for an aggravated felony and then came back. Why don’t they instead just execute him, if he’s that dangerous? We have too much incarceration, and not enough use of firing squads.

Besides, I need to burnish my reputation as a libertarian by standing up for the illegals those unjustly excluded from our great nation. I think during campaign 2018, people got the idea I was some kind of right-winger, when that’s really not the case. I remain as libertarian as I ever was.

But no, maybe I should just focus on, say, the federal gun laws that prohibit people from possessing machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, etc. That’s always a good libertarian issue.

I suppose the FBI also gets involved in certain kinds of drug enforcement. I don’t know too much about that. Well anyway, I obviously don’t have a very comprehensive manifesto or anything like that, which I would use to justify my actions tomorrow (if that’s when this ends up going down), but I guess what I will do is protest federal infringements of individual liberty in general.

UPDATE: I scoped out the map and it’s about an 11-mile walk from where I live to 9325 Discovery Blvd. It’s actually not a very easy walk, because there are no sidewalks and there’s probably lots of tick-infested brush that I would need to walk through on my way there. This would be easier in the winter. Of course, another possibility would be to catch Uber, but I’m too poor.

I was thinking, another possibility would be to catch a bus to DC and jump over the outer fence in front of the White House. But, I don’t even have enough money for bus fare right now.

3 thoughts on “So are there any death squads I can hand myself over to for execution?

  1. Why not just hang yourself? You will be out of your misery in less than a minute.
    You csn live stream your final message for the world and then leave the camera running while youhang there for everyone to see.
    But I seeyou have cried wolf far too often and even your few supporters are getting bored of you.

    So…..just do it….One less paedo in the world.


  2. Stop taking your parents’ money – specifically your mother’s. You’ll die of starvation soon enough. You can speed up the process by not drinking fluids.

    You could get into DC if you use the slug lanes.

    If you were a man of your convictions why not use a knife? You must have access to knives, if not guns.


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