Foids who say, “I didn’t want a man who was going to try to control me”

I notice there’s a trend where foids say, “I married my husband because I wanted a man who wouldn’t try to control me.” Then they complain about how he’s a weak man who hasn’t accomplished much in his life. Just like he wouldn’t take his wife by the throat and be like, “You’re going to put out for me whenever I want, and have dinner on the table when I get home from work” he also wouldn’t take the world by the balls and insist on getting his way, so that he could provide for his family, make sure his wife and kids were well-protected, etc. He had a type B rather than type A personality; he was content to just go with the flow, whether his wife was trying to walk all over him, or his boss didn’t feel like paying him a decent salary.

What usually happens is that those foids will either use that man as a sperm donor and then dump him, or simply cheat on him with some stronger, higher-status guy, while using hubby for whatever betabuxx he can provide. When asked later why they chose that husband, they’ll be like, “I wanted to make sure I was with a man who wasn’t going to try to control me.”

I used to think, “Well, that’s sorta reasonable; she was just considering the trade-offs and deciding to go with what she thought would make her happy.” I’m at a point now where I’m instead just going to say, “That’s where you fucked up. You should’ve taken one for the team, and gotten with a strong man who could be a good provider and protector, even if it meant giving up your independence.”

But the thing is, foids were never meant to “give up their independence”; it was never supposed to be an expectation that they would have any independence to begin with, to be giving up. So, actually men fucked up in leaving that decision to them. And they continue to fuck up.

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