Another U.S. citizen husband-sponsor gets verbally abused over at VisaJourney

The OP writes:

Hello Everyone!

I dont know where to start…. Pretty embarrassing but now I need some guidance. Last month I have done something terrible, here how the story goes…

I filed Domestic Violence on my wife which she undergoing for adjustment of status. Poor women didn’t do anything wrong, yes I know all of you are asking “what the heck?’’. Well I was drinking that night celebrating my nephew graduation party and had too many. During that night my wonderful wife drove us home. Once we got home we realized that there wasn’t any electricity, so my wife didn’t wanted to be there because of the care of the baby. So I disagree and was very upset that we couldn’t stay at home. While we were walking out, my wife tripped over the baby stroller. When that was happening she tried to grab me and scratch me accidently from neck and face….ughhhh…. I got furious and espcially when I was soo mad about the arguement, I made a poor decision calling the cops and they took her away (arrested and fingerprinted)… I especially told the cops dont arrest her that wasnt the attention, just file a report… either way both decision where wrong…

We had court on August 15th, 2018, I have already spoke with the director of the municipal court and explain the whole situation. The state is willing to drop the case but needed to be present. Well something at work came up, and coudn’t be present at the court. So they reschedule it for October 16th 2018, which isnt my concern….

My big concern is we are flying out to Dominican Republic with a Advance Polore, Im afraid when we come back she going to have trouble with customs. My question is to everyone, will she go back to her country because of that? The only argument I have she still not convicted of any crime, those charges are still pending. She never plead guilty to the judge, On october I will be in court and drop the charges.

Please dont judge me of that, the only thing I just want is some guidance……

debbiedoo responds:

its more than you being a cry baby. all men are cry babies to a certain extent.

you have possibly destroyed chances for your wifes AOS. really? cause you were were being a drunken asswipe. NO EXCUSE. and then you couldnt attend the fit court date? REALLY? what is more important than your WIFE. you LIED TO THE COPS ABOUT THE SITUATiON.

Sorry excuse for a man.

dont travel. its not worth the possible problems. though if i were your wife id be leaving you, so theres that.

i was married for 20 years to an abusive gaslighting ####### of a human being. He would have done something like that, if he were a drinker. of all his issues, at least that wasn’t one of them. seek help. and if you dont think you need help, you have a MAJOR problem.

I went ahead and filed a report saying that she is verbally abusing the OP. I expect if there’s a female mod, like Ontarkie, handling the reports, then probably the post will remain, because that’s how they typically roll. Anyway, now I see I’m not the only one who gets harshly judged by the whole circle of foids, manginas, white knights, etc. over there. debbiedoo, by the way, has “Very Good” community reputation over there. Not sure how to give someone negative rep.

Anyway, if that post stays up, then I would say, it’s over for VisaJourney. That can’t keep that kind of content up and retain any credibility. debbiedoo is from Chase City, Virginia, by the way.

UPDATE: They took the post down.

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