What are we to make of Jill Vogel’s child marriage ban?

So as you may know, state senator Jill Vogel was a driving force behind legislation back in 2016 to ban “child marriage” in Virginia. I guess the bills were SB 415 and HB 703.

The way the law used to work, is that if an underage girl got pregnant, she could, with parental consent, get married, and then her husband could continue to fuck her legally, as long as she was at least 15 years old. In fact, the law used to say that if the girl were at least 14 years old, the guy who fucked her would have a get-of-jail-free card if he married her and then supported her and any kids they had, till she was 16 (or till she gave him just cause to desert her, whichever came first).

Well, Jill Vogel came along and went on a crusade to make the minimum age of marriage 16. So the question is, do I care about that law? Well, in principle it isn’t good, because situations might arise where a Chad impregnates a girl and it would be best for everyone if they just got married, continued to have a sexual relationship, and raised their kid together. The alternatives might be that she would get an abortion or give the kid up for adoption or break up with the guy (if they were ever together). Or, they would have to wait till she’s 16 and THEN get married and resume their sexual relationship. But by then, maybe she would be getting fucked by some other dude, because girls don’t like to go without sex, especially after they’ve already been deflowered.

The number of girls in this situation is apparently about a couple hundred a year. Thing is, early marriage as it existed prior to the passage of this law already wasn’t set up in an ideal way. There should’ve been shotgun weddings in any cases where a man deflowered a girl, not just those where she got pregnant.

Also, marriage was already an institution in decline in other ways as well. Polygyny was already illegal; marital rape was already illegal; physical discipline of wives was already illegal; divorce was already legal; etc.

life-is-strange_08So maybe Jill Vogel was just behaving in an accelerationist way to trash what little was left of the institution. The upshot, though, is that 13-year-old girls will continue to get fucked by 15-year-old Chads, and it’ll just be a class 4 misdemeanor, even if he ruined her by deflowering her and dumping her. Meanwhile, men like Charlie Johns won’t be able to marry girls like Eunice Winstead.

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