Schweet, someone wrote an essay critical of Wikipedia’s Biographies of Living Persons policy

Here’s what they wrote. Meanwhile, this is as good a time as any to post some content I’ve been wanting to move off-wiki for awhile. BLP policy seems to me very complex, which is apparently why they have to have a whole noticeboard devoted to it.


This is an analysis of the edits made to the Murder of Yeardley Love article, and at User_talk:St._claires_fire/Archive_1#BLP_removal_on_Murder_of_Yeardley_Love and at Wikipedia:Biographies_of_living_persons/Noticeboard/Archive254#Murder_of_Yeardley_Love.

The sequence of events began with this edit to the Murder of Yeardley Love article, noting the Yeardleygate political controversy in which Arlington County School Board member James Lander apologized for commenting on a radio show, with regard to Yeardley Love, “if all that education, if she wasn’t strong enough or educated enough to remove herself from a violent relationship then we have failed her as a society. Because if you are the smartest person with books but you can’t apply the knowledge then what good is it?”

In retrospect, the main problem with this edit was that it didn’t include enough material about Lander’s defense of himself. Whenever you’re going to include negative content about any living person, you always have to give equal space to their side of the story, or you open it up for people to make a BLP removal.

Berean Hunter reverted this edit, calling it “undue weight and looks politically motivated…only matters to local County area and not an issue in the grander scheme of things”.

Undue weight is a legitimate concern in any article, but “politically motivated” is an appeal to motive and therefore a fallacy of relevance. The assertion that it “only matters to local County area and not an issue in the grander scheme of things” is questionable, because The Washington Post and Blue Virginia did see fit to publish articles about it, and the interpretation of her death is part of her legacy (sort of like when the One Love Foundation was founded to honor her memory; the Foundation isn’t notable either, but it is mentioned in the article).

I made this edit, saying, “due to the statewide/regional coverage, there should be at least some mention” and Berean Hunter reverted it, saying, “BLP removal…do not restore.”

“BLP removal…do not restore” is a trump card editors use when they want to say, basically, “If you restore it again, you could be blocked, because this isn’t like a normal dispute where we can just use the BRD cycle to resolve our differences. This is a Big Deal™ and we have to err on the side of keeping the content that I don’t like out of the article.” Anyone who wants to whitewash coverage of a living person can resort to this pretty effectively:

The idea expressed in WP:Eventualism—that every Wikipedia article is a work in progress, and that it is therefore okay for an article to be temporarily unbalanced because it will eventually be brought into shape—does not apply to biographies. Given their potential impact on biography subjects’ lives, biographies must be fair to their subjects at all times.

This is directly contrary to the wiki way.

WP:BLP also says: articles with information about living persons have to adhere strictly to policies on Neutral point of view, Verifiability, and No original research. It says that BLPs must be written “with regard for the subject’s privacy.” What does that mean, exactly?

“BLPs should be written responsibly, cautiously, and in a dispassionate tone, avoiding both understatement and overstatement. Articles should document in a non-partisan manner what reliable secondary sources have published about the subjects, and in some circumstances what the subjects have published about themselves.” What’s a “non-partisan” manner? Is that the same as a “neutral” manner? What if the majority viewpoint is partisan, as it often is?

People tend to revert back to whatever they’re trained to do and be

2b1bb345The reason I was a politician in 2018 was that I had been trained to be a politician. That was the method I had been taught was the way of bringing about change.

It wasn’t just teaching, though — it was training. People actually went out into the field with me and showed me how to do this work, and answered my questions, and dealt with any objections I had.

One of the reasons I’m not carrying out assassinations right now is that it’s not what I was trained for. This is also, by the way, the reason the government kinda fears its own cops and military personnel — because they HAVE been trained to kill.

Training involves not only teaching someone how to do something, but also giving them the necessary mindset so that they feel comfortable doing it, and/or motivated to do it. It means giving them emotional and moral support and so on. It also gives them an excuse — “This is what I was trained by my authority figures to do.” Timothy McVeigh pretty much used that excuse.

You fill the recruit’s head with propaganda that’s going to stay with him for years, and give him confidence in the rightness of what he’s doing. You have him practice his task till he feels sure of his ability. Armed with both ability and justification, he can then go out and do what he was trained to do. It helps even more if he continues to be part of a supportive brotherhood of like-minded fellows.

The reason the Libertarians get their candidates on the ballot and the Whigs don’t is that the Whigs apparently don’t have the right training and organization yet. This is the same reason why there aren’t more incel politicians, or more incel terrorists, or anything like that. It’s rare that an individual will be able to equip himself to take action without any training.

You’ll notice that key to most insurrections is having a training camp for the rebels. Usually this means that they’ll need the support of a foreign power which will give them a safe haven in which to conduct their training. Either that, or they would need to have pretty firm control over some territory in which they could do their training.

Hey, I’m about to become eligible to join the National Alliance!

1489381530977As soon as the final decree in my divorce case gets signed by the judge, I guess I’ll be a white guy in good standing once more, as defined by these criteria:

Eligibility: Any White person (a non-Jewish person of wholly European ancestry) of good character and at least 18 years of age who accepts as his own the goals of the National Alliance and who is willing to support the program described in What is the National Alliance? may apply for membership.

Ineligible persons: No homosexual or bisexual person, no person actively addicted to alcohol or to an illegal drug, no person with a non-White spouse or a non-White dependent, and, except in extraordinary circumstances, no person currently confined in a penal institution may be a member. (The National Alliance does not advocate any illegal activity and expects its members to conduct themselves accordingly.)

Unfortunately, I can’t afford the $20 monthly dues. Geez, that’s $240/year! I could join a professional organization for less than that (and probably wouldn’t have to pay the dues anyway, because usually employers cover that). Exercising my white privilege to be part of that group sure is expensive.

So it seems from these membership criteria that Anglin could knock up a southeast Asian girl and still be eligible for National Alliance membership as long as he abandoned his baba mama and her offspring.

I don’t know if I’m really as much of a fan of race mixing as I used to be

meeksman_646x363First of all, if you want certain cool recessive traits, like blue eyes, in your offspring, you pretty much need to not race mix (unless you find one of the rare non-whites who has genes for blue eyes; but if you’re going to have blue eyes, it should probably go along with blonde hair, white skin, etc.) Goethe the Feminoidphile writes:

But why look to S.E Asia of all places? There are many good white women you could get from places such as Russia. Many women there are seeking Western men. What I think you are forgetting is the fundamental physical incompatibilities between the comparatively much bigger, sturdy, angular, harder set features inherent in us Germanic races compared to the starkly contrasted diminutive ultra-soft cuteness of S.E Asians. That’s why they are simply morphologically incompatible for us to breed with. It’s about as crazy as wanting to breed a Clydesdale horse with a Shetland pony, or an Alsatian with a toy dog such as a Shih Tzu. Any sane person just wouldn’t want to do it because they know that they would lose the impressive big sturdy angular features of the Alsatian and at the same time ALSO lose that diminutiveness and ultra cuteness of the Shih Tzu, so it’s a lose lose outcome. Germanic genes are much more dominant too than Asian so the tainted offspring will look mostly like the Westerner but will be degraded and have an emasculated and disproportioned look. I find it heart breaking whenever I see both incompatible sides throwing everything away by making a baby that will not look anywhere as diminutive, pretty and cute as what the Asian mother could have produced had she instead bred with a puny little ASIAN partner, and also at the same time will have lost the size, stature and angular impressiveness of the Western father. The son won’t be as big and strong as his dad was when he was a boy himself, and at the same time will not possess the ultra cuteness that the Asian mother has. And from my own many observations of these type of hybrids produced by the parents of completely incongruous racial types is that they just look plain weird and disproportionate.. even grotesque. They just NEVER look natural and right at all. Worse still is that many of these hybrid offspring have identity problems as well.

Look, I know many Western men become frustrated with how the Juden have turned many Western women into nasty femicunts. Fortunately my wife is not a femicunt and is very traditional minded. But let’s say I hypothetically had absolutely no luck in finding a suitable wife of my own spezies and was therefore unable to have offspring because of it, I’d still rather not have offspring at ALL rather than having to make a mockery of my race by hybridizing with some tiny little S.E Asian and producing some sort of freak. As a pixiephile myself I am very much attracted to diminutive soft cuteness. I want to be able to continue enjoying seeing that and I want my sons and their sons to have that type of eye candy to enjoy too. I DON’T want to start BREEDING with it though because I realize that my comparatively rustic sturdy North European features will simply taint the ultra-cuteness of a pixie, NOT compliment or improve it. It really worries me this popular new trend of white men wanting to breed with Asians because I know that eventually that Asiatic ultra-cuteness which is simply absent in us Germanics would eventually be eliminated through all this rampant miscegenation that’s going on. At the same time, I very much worry about Germanics losing OUR impressive strong sturdy statures too. I DON’T want to see both totally opposite phenotypes disappear forever. This is something which makes me feel real anxious and despairing. My Teutonic features are something I am most proud of and would NEVER trade in for anything in this world, nor would I wish to deny any of my sons that pure look. All that would be LOST FOREVER if we were to allow ourselves to continue the madness of miscegenating with Asiatic pixies. I personally consider it actually criminal and a complete slap in the face to all our ancestors who for thousands of years handed us down our awesome physical features which they no doubt would have thought we’d continue to be proud of, not ashamed of. They must be rolling in their graves seeing what’s going on now.

He continues:

It’s actually more physical incompatibility than miscegenation per se that I find reprehensible. You may be able to make a super race through certain careful applications of miscegenation as long as the two races display similar morphologies and sizes that can make a good complimentary blend. I still would not want to do that myself but at least that isn’t anywhere as bad as hybridizing hominins that have totally incompatible physical traits.

While you might be able to make a super race from an admixture of Zulu, Viking and bull-necked Russian, you CAN’T make a super race by mixing a S.E Asian, a Germanic and an Hispanic. This is because this latter combination possesses inherent incompatibilities. It is insane to mix traits that CONFLICT. It’s like trying to make a blue better by throwing orange into it. You simply cannot on one hand try to make a big super strong warrior race while at the same time wanting him to be also a diminutive cute-as-a-button sex kitten. It just can’t work like that. Either one or the other must be aimed for. If your wish is to maintain ultra-cuteness that’s in the Asian you will simply lose or seriously compromise that by introducing the Germanic genes. You will also seriously compromise the superior intelligence, size and physical awesomeness that the Germanic father had. In fact you are more likely to make the S.E Asian’s offspring even more simple minded than the mother already is given that any degenerate white liberal wishing to miscegenate with her in the first place will be practically RETARDED, so really what actual advantages are in it for the S.E Asian mother if the libtarded white is not only going to severely compromise the diminutive ultra-cuteness of her offspring, but also make them even stupider and libtarded than what they would have been had their father also been also Asian. She would lose in every way. Genetically she would not gain, she would lose. She may however gain some of the white libtard’s MONEY as Asians have an utter CRAVING for the stuff.

The fundamental problem with trying to hybridize races of very disparate physical and psychological traits is that you can’t conveniently cherry pick the various traits you want from each race while also blocking out the aspects that you don’t want. It’s just plain common sense that while most dog or horse breeders EASILY understand, many whites themselves wishing to breed seem to be oblivious to… or perhaps it’s just a deliberate position they have based on some ideologically driven hell-bent idea they have in their messed up heads? In any case, I just don’t get it.


The Juden are prone to schizophrenia, anti-paedophilic prudery, pro-miscegenation, gun grabbing, feminism, collectivism, being killjoy control-freak wowsers, and most of all they like lots of oppression and persecution. If you hybridized with a Jooess don’t be surprised if you see these characteristics in your son start to appear if they haven’t already.

Yeah, even if Meshelle had had a kid by me, I guess he probably would’ve lacked cultural creativeness.

So, everything with Shaun Brown is playing out pretty much as I predicted

I know no one outside of Virginia has much reason to give a shit about Shaun Brown (unless they’re hardcore political junkies who like to keep track of everything that can affect the congressional balance of power), but sometimes I write blog entries because I’m interested in the topic. If  you don’t like it, fuck off.

Anyway, it may be instructive for those who are interested in the arcane processes of ballot access petitioning in Virginia. So anyway, here’s the latest:

John Findlay, executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia, shared with The Pilot an email he received Tuesday from the state Department of Elections in which officials acknowledged 10 pages of Brown’s petitions “were not processed.”

Arielle Schneider, a state policy analyst, wrote that when the department sent petitions to local voter registrars to check the accuracy of signatures, a packet of 10 petitions was returned in late June to the Richmond office marked “undeliverable.”

The petitions were set aside unused and never resent again to local registrars because “localities had processed enough pages to to ascertain that Ms. Brown met her candidate requirement minimum of 1,000 signatures,” Schneider wrote.

It was weeks later that evidence, first reported by WHRO in Norfolk and investigated separately by the Democratic Party and The Pilot, surfaced that more than 80 signatures were people who said they never signed and a handful of other individuals who apparently are deceased.

Findlay said in addition to the names on the unused petitions, the GOP staff also found cases where the registrars mistakenly disqualified signatures that should have been allowed. Their research found that Brown had 1,276 valid signatures, he said.

If the state were to remove all the petitions gathered by two Taylor campaign workers tied to many questionable signatures, Brown still would have 1,024 names, he said.

But then we have this:

Findlay acknowledged that all the petitions, including the 10 set aside, still have a problem of using two home addresses for Brown that are not accurate. Democrats argue the phony candidate address invalidates all the petitions under state law.

God, why do niggers have to do this kind of bullshit? They lie about shit they don’t even need to lie about, and they get caught. It’s like that situation last year with Laquan Austion:

Republican Laquan Austion dropped his bid for the 2nd District seat in the House of Delegates, just two days after defiantly proclaiming a controversy over his online resume was a creation of the “liberal media.”

Outgoing Republican Speaker of the House William Howell announced Friday that Austion withdrew from the race following revelations that he claimed to have a pair of degrees from George Washington University on his LinkedIn page that he hadn’t actually earned.

Maybe he should’ve just stuck to his guns and stayed in the race anyway; who really cares about that kind of controversy, now that I think about it. Lying on resumes and getting caught with inconsistencies between various versions is pretty common; it’s just that politicians are expected to be diligent to make sure they don’t leave the evidence around where reporters can find it, I guess.

This blog will never be popular

Some people have talked about the popularity or lack thereof of this blog, and how that might be changed.

The reality, though, is that there’s no way to change it. The reason is that I lack ongoing relevance. I’m not running for office again, and probably won’t be running again. I’m not even running incel sites anymore. So what is there to keep me in the news?

I could shoot somebody important. That’s about it. When someone associated with the incel community kills someone, they get enduring notoriety, as we saw with Rodger and Minassian.

However, what we saw with Dylann Roof was that he ended up imprisoned for life (I’m assuming he won’t be executed, since the feds haven’t executed anyone since 2003) and now he’s so isolated that he can’t even get people to research stuff for him. All that saved me from being in a situation like that, from 2008-2013, was that I had my mom (and sometimes my sister, and eventually Pete Eyre) to help me.

If I shot someone, I’m not sure I’d have that kind of help this time around. Plus the logistics of doing a shooting are kind of daunting, depending on where I would be trying to do this. But no, I’ve seen politicians, etc. at places where it would be easy to shoot them. So it’s doable. But, I would have to scrape together enough money to get a gun.

The question at this point is, why should I bother?

Haven’t I pretty much said everything I wanted to say? What’s left? I’ve mostly been heard; I don’t feel like I’ve been silenced too much, although it sucks that some of my data got destroyed and my computer equipment got taken. Oh well, shit happens; I just don’t feel like shooting a politician unless I have some people supporting me in that endeavor.

E.g. it would be nice to have an accomplice; two guns are better than one. If you have two guys shooting down a politician then you’re an actual team, which is gonna probably deter people from grabbing you while you’re trying to reload, or if your gun jams, etc. Plus you get the work done twice as fast. And it’s going to make a bigger splash in the media than if it were just a lone gunman; those usually get written off as crazy people.

I guess the lone gunman has a certain coolness factor, in that it shows how one man can accomplish so much. It’s more impressive to act alone, in a way. You don’t have to share the credit with anyone either; you get the limelight to yourself. But I just don’t feel like that doing that again; I already sent a threat to the President on my own, so that was my experience of acting alone, getting punished alone, etc. I just really didn’t like being written off as mentally ill, although I suppose if you actually have the balls to shoot someone, you seem less insane than if you purposefully provoked incarceration by sending a threat that didn’t even inflict any physical harm on anyone.

Does my ego really require that I gain more notoriety? In a way, shooting someone would be a good capstone to everything I’ve done thus far. But, so would impregnating Piper. And impregnating Piper could be more fun. So maybe I should see whether I can have an opportunity to do that, before I go shooting anyone. Steven Pladl got some notoriety too, after all — and even after he got thrown in jail, he was able to get out on bond and shoot some people, so he was able to do all the stuff he wanted or needed to do.

Even if I lose my place among the 871,000 874,000 (gosh, they’re creating new BLPs quickly), it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes a little obscurity is good, anyway. Wikipedia doesn’t tend to be very good at biographies, unless the subject himself is participating in writing the article, or they’re relying on a source who research the subject participated in.

I’m basically retired at this point.

Signing the final decree of divorce just makes my retirement more complete, because when you’re a divorced man, you’re released from any moral responsibility people might think you have to support your wife (except to the extent that you basically have to pay “unemployment benefits” to your ex, if you actually have any money).

When you’re retired, you usually don’t do anything important, or otherwise it wouldn’t be retirement.


One of the upsides to having a low fertility rate

is that I won’t have to worry too much about my kids’ growing up in the same shitty environment I had to deal with, because in the long run, I won’t have any kids.

By that I mean, with this type of “wedge family” situation, where everyone only has one kid, eventually entire genetic lines will die out. Even Meshelle may have lost her opportunity to get pregnant, and that would seem to be the case for my sister too. It’s happening all over the place.

Of course, the other benefit is that as we have fewer people, we can devote more resources per capita to this smaller population, theoretically. Not sure if that works out particularly well in practice, though; I think a lot of resources end up being wasted when they’re not devoted to raising up a new generation of kids. Career women, for instance, seem to spend money pretty frivolously.