Going ER is an efficient way to change the world, in terms of labor invested

elliotrodger-580Some men slave away their whole lives trying to make a small difference. That’s how they talk about it — “at the end of every day I feel satisfied knowing I changed the world just a little bit for the better.”

Other men spend a few hours going ER and the world is never the same. Their manifestos are read by millions and inspire countless editorials about how powerful incels are. (They say “dangerous” but to be dangerous you have to be powerful.)

Anyone could theoretically go ER. And when your genetic line is destined for termination — i.e., when IT’S OVER — it’s perfectly logical too, from a biological standpoint. All that’s standing in the way is a whole lifetime of cultural conditioning saying, “Don’t do that. That would be bad.”

But each ER forms part of the counter-conditioning, because he reminds people of what’s possible. Elliot not only expressed the unthinkable, but also executed his plan, proving his manifesto wasn’t just the idle rant of some edgelord.

Clear thinking cuts through the cope and the cultural conditioning, making one gravitate toward the disinhibmaximum. I’ve heard people say to suicidal narcissists, “You would never kill yourself, because you love yourself too much.” Yet somehow ER proved capable of it. The secrets of his unique psychology remain a mystery, but what if we could clone enough ERs to create an incel army?

If only we had saved his DNA, we could put it in a female. That offspring would then say, “You knew that this DNA came from an incel, AND YOU DECIDED TO CLONE HIM?!” He would realize that his sole purpose for existing on this planet was to fulfill his suicide mission.

We’re just going to have to breed a new ER, by the same method that produced the original ER. White men will need to impregnate a variety of Asian females, until one of their offspring shoots up a sorority. Then we can harvest DNA from his corpse to produce more ERs from that same bloodline.

But maybe there’s more to it than nature; maybe there was also the cultural factor that he was raised in a setting that gave him a sense of entitlement. His family was well-off and he was half-white and lived in California, so he was supposed to get pussy from blonde girls.