Another U.S. citizen husband-sponsor gets verbally abused over at VisaJourney

The OP writes:

Hello Everyone!

I dont know where to start…. Pretty embarrassing but now I need some guidance. Last month I have done something terrible, here how the story goes…

I filed Domestic Violence on my wife which she undergoing for adjustment of status. Poor women didn’t do anything wrong, yes I know all of you are asking “what the heck?’’. Well I was drinking that night celebrating my nephew graduation party and had too many. During that night my wonderful wife drove us home. Once we got home we realized that there wasn’t any electricity, so my wife didn’t wanted to be there because of the care of the baby. So I disagree and was very upset that we couldn’t stay at home. While we were walking out, my wife tripped over the baby stroller. When that was happening she tried to grab me and scratch me accidently from neck and face….ughhhh…. I got furious and espcially when I was soo mad about the arguement, I made a poor decision calling the cops and they took her away (arrested and fingerprinted)… I especially told the cops dont arrest her that wasnt the attention, just file a report… either way both decision where wrong…

We had court on August 15th, 2018, I have already spoke with the director of the municipal court and explain the whole situation. The state is willing to drop the case but needed to be present. Well something at work came up, and coudn’t be present at the court. So they reschedule it for October 16th 2018, which isnt my concern….

My big concern is we are flying out to Dominican Republic with a Advance Polore, Im afraid when we come back she going to have trouble with customs. My question is to everyone, will she go back to her country because of that? The only argument I have she still not convicted of any crime, those charges are still pending. She never plead guilty to the judge, On october I will be in court and drop the charges.

Please dont judge me of that, the only thing I just want is some guidance……

debbiedoo responds:

its more than you being a cry baby. all men are cry babies to a certain extent.

you have possibly destroyed chances for your wifes AOS. really? cause you were were being a drunken asswipe. NO EXCUSE. and then you couldnt attend the fit court date? REALLY? what is more important than your WIFE. you LIED TO THE COPS ABOUT THE SITUATiON.

Sorry excuse for a man.

dont travel. its not worth the possible problems. though if i were your wife id be leaving you, so theres that.

i was married for 20 years to an abusive gaslighting ####### of a human being. He would have done something like that, if he were a drinker. of all his issues, at least that wasn’t one of them. seek help. and if you dont think you need help, you have a MAJOR problem.

I went ahead and filed a report saying that she is verbally abusing the OP. I expect if there’s a female mod, like Ontarkie, handling the reports, then probably the post will remain, because that’s how they typically roll. Anyway, now I see I’m not the only one who gets harshly judged by the whole circle of foids, manginas, white knights, etc. over there. debbiedoo, by the way, has “Very Good” community reputation over there. Not sure how to give someone negative rep.

Anyway, if that post stays up, then I would say, it’s over for VisaJourney. That can’t keep that kind of content up and retain any credibility. debbiedoo is from Chase City, Virginia, by the way.

Does the issue of gun control matter much?

It looks like for the foreseeable future, D.C. v. Heller will remain in effect, so we won’t totally lose our right to have a gun (except for us felons, of course).

But I suppose it’s a slippery slope to losing more gun rights, as they ban high-capacity magazines and whatnot. Thing is, you can make your own homemade weapons, so if your plan is to break the law, what do the details really matter, unless you’re going to get hit with a Terry stop or something?

My safety is enhanced by the fact that some people have guns (since it makes home invasions and whatnot less likely), but they don’t necessarily have to be assault rifles to get the job done in most cases. Anyway, most people are probably not going to use their guns for the purpose of fighting back against the state, so that issue is kinda moot. The pot issue is actually more relevant to my life.

If you’re a neetcel, why would you even care if a political candidate is fiscally conservative?

This is another reason why I would tend to favor the Democrats. The situation, with regard to relations between the sexes, can’t possibly get any worse, because we have all these femiservatives (including female politicians) in the Republican Party, who are just as bad as any Democrat, if not worse. Meanwhile, I have no reason to care about fiscal conservatism, since I have no income. That leaves only the weed issue.

I guess theoretically, I should care about the Trump tax cuts since they might save my mom some money, which will trickle down to me. How do I really know it’s going to play out that way, though; maybe Democrats would actually fund her office more, through grants or whatever, and then it would trickle down to me through that other path.

Also, I can’t convert that money into weed unless weed is legalized, since it’s not like I have an allowance or anything, of money that’s just given to me for the heck of it, to spend as I like. To go to D.C. to buy weed is kind of a big deal; I would have to not only go down there but also buy something along with it, to get the weed as a free gift.

Republicans aren’t all that fiscally conservative anyway. Jill Vogel expanded Medicaid, and George W. Bush got us into some really expensive wars. And who’s to say that Trump is really cutting spending all that much (if at all), or that the tax cuts are being done in a way that’s going to offer my particular family much (if any) benefit.

So is anyone actually going to primary Jill Vogel?

If not, I don’t see the point of the Culpeper and Loudoun Republicans’ censuring her. They’re still going to vote for her anyway in 2019, if she gets the nomination. And she’ll win, given the makeup of this district. They have no leverage at all unless one of them steps up to challenge her in the primary, but who has the balls to do that? It’s not going to be Martha Boneta, apparently (not that it would do any good anyway to replace one foid with another).

“What do you think of Donald Trump?”

I used to get asked this question a lot on the campaign trail, and I would respond, “I voted for Gary Johnson.” That’s true, and I could talk about why I prefer Johnson to Trump, but another response I could give is, “I like Trump’s impact on our culture; I’m less impressed by his political ideas.” Of course, that’s not necessarily going to get my ballot access signatures, because it might turn off both the Trump supporters and Trump detractors.

But the way I look at it is, I just like that he didn’t cave in to the leftists. He didn’t usually apologize or backpedal, because he knew that wouldn’t work. He stuck to his guns. So I think he set a good example in that regard.

But, I don’t like his protectionist policies, and I don’t like how he had to be dragged into supporting cannabis legalization. We’re just lucky that there was enough pushback to keep Jeff Sessions from cracking down on the legal cannabis markets.

I guess we’ll see how good his Supreme Court nominees are; it seems too early to tell. I think it was interesting that he gave a list of potential nominees, and then didn’t deviate from that list. I wonder if future Presidents will do that as well.

It was interesting, too, that he picked Mike Pence as his Vice President. The guy seems pretty innocuous, but I might have preferred if he’d picked, say, Ron Paul to shore up his libertarian support than a cultural conservative to shore up his evangelical support or whatever. But I guess Pence is sorta kinda okay, I dunno.

Aside from the SCOTUS nominations, Trump is not going to produce any epochal change that I can tell, except maybe culturally. His immigration restrictions aren’t really going to make much of a difference.

Another thing about the Donald is that he’s relentlessly optimistic about “making America great again” and I wonder if he realizes the country will first have to collapse before it can rebound.

But notice, I don’t really have a lot to say about Trump, because I don’t really care that much about him — which I guess is a sign that he hasn’t done a lot of damage, in my book. Yeah, he launched missile strikes on Syria, but other than that, he hasn’t gotten us involved in a lot of war, so already he’s doing better than George W. Bush did. Plus he actually condemned the Iraq War, which was refreshing for a Republican.