Well, I see Hollywood is just as Jewed-up as ever

My mom and I saw this film yesterday. It was about a couple whose romance was about to be ripped apart by tragedy, as ICE was going to deport this dude’s girlfriend just because the “current political climate” kept her lawyer from being able to stave off their family’s exile in immigration court after they got busted for being here illegally.

I was like, “How am I supposed to care about these two people? There’s been no character development that would really make me want to root for them or anything. Plus the chick is ugly, but as soon as this dude and his friend lay eyes on her, he’s saying she’s really cute. If he thinks she’s cute, wait’ll he sees a white chick.”

There were no sympathetic white people at all in this whole film; even the supporting characters were all non-white. Whites were just this malevolent force in the background, trying to wreck idealistic, hardworking people’s American dream.

At the end, I was watching the credits and there was all names ending in -stein, or Hirsch, etc. It was like a parody of itself.

Narrative problem

The thing is, the usual Jewish narrative is that there are these greedy rich white people trying to lord it over the nonwhite underclass. Yet immigrants tend to be pretty greedy; they come to America because they want more money. In this film, though, the parents were the ones who came to America to give their kids “a better life” (which involves making more money than would be possible in their homeland), while their son just wanted to be a poet.

At the end of the film, he casts away his parents’ dreams of his becoming a doctor, so he can pursue this girl instead, and at the end of the story has become this hipster-looking dude with horn-rimmed glasses, reading his poems to a coffee shop audience (if they’re even listening).

Yeah right, when did you ever see some South Korean dude wanting to do something as SWPL as that?! I’m offended by this cultural appropriation. In fact, the whole point of SWPL stuff is generally to repel nonwhites and create a white-only space without the need for explicit discrimination.

It’s kind of a cope to say, “Chad gets all the hot babes”

Not all of them. A lot of them just go to worthless trash that isn’t even all that good-looking. A lot of chicks, when they get to be in their late teens, will just randomly lose their virginity to the first loser who comes along. They’ll actually avoid a decent guy, and give it to some random trash, any random trash, as long as he’s trash.

But you say, “Chad gets all the hot babes” because you don’t want to face the reality that it’s even worse than that — guys who aren’t even as deserving as Chad, because they don’t even have Chad’s good looks, are getting to pound those virgin teen pussies just because these girls want to be self-destructive and/or feel “grown up” by having a rite of passage with some guy who doesn’t matter.

If they gave their pussy to you, a decent guy, then they might feel the sex was meaningful, and that would be scary to them. Seriously, this is how the mentality of these foids works. They specifically give their pussy to total trash, so that they don’t feel threatened by the significance of the act. They make it as base and degrading as possible for themselves, and not even in a sexy way.

That actually makes us lower than trash, because even trash is getting laid in 2019. Remember that it’s the man in the middle that women can’t stand. You either need to be Christian Grey or a total lowlife. RoK is down right now, but see this article when it comes back up. http://www.returnofkings.com/58136/how-to-get-women-to-pay-for-stuff-and-buy-you-presents/

Thing is, if you admitted that losers who aren’t even Chad are getting the pussy, then you wouldn’t be able to internalize what society says about you (that you’re incel because of your looks); you would have to admit that you’re part of an underclass that’s getting oppressed for other reasons. And then you might feel compelled to do something, and that would be a lot of work, and maybe risky.

So, even the blackpill is still ultimately a bluepill.

My letter to my state legislators urging suicide legalization

14 May 2019

Delegate Guzman:

I am writing to ask for your support for legalizing suicide, including assisted suicide, in Virginia. Currently, suicide is a common-law felony in Virginia, and § 8.01-622.1 establishes civil penalties for assisted suicide.

As our society’s culture degenerates, more and more individuals find themselves socially isolated, lacking in purpose, and contemplating suicide as a response to their situation. The breakdown of the family unit, as reflected by the high rates of divorce, inceldom (among men) and spinsterhood (among women), leaves people without intimacy, love, and the other comforts and joys of family life.

People turn to social media as a way of alleviating the sense of loneliness, but find that the validation and praise (i.e. “likes”) they receive are superficial and/or fake, with interactions consisting mostly of a competition to use selfies and humblebrags to present a false image of having a good life. True friendship, where people allow themselves to be genuine and vulnerable with one another, tends to be lacking in such venues; yet people continue to be drawn to Facebook, Instagram, etc. because attention-seeking is all they have, in an increasingly fragmented society where institutions such as the church, which once fostered a sense of belonging and common mission, values, and community, are in decline.

White people in particular have a high suicide rate, which may be linked to the fact that their race is expected to respect the cultures of all other peoples, but is not allowed to celebrate a sense of pride in its own accomplishments, which are taken for granted by society as a whole, with the credit increasingly being shifted to others whose contributions were relatively marginal at best. Little wonder that whites would want to kill themselves, when from childhood they have been taught in the public schools that their race’s only legacy to humanity has been injustice and oppression. Slavery, colonization, and the Holocaust figure more prominently in the narratives put forth by the establishment than, say, the inventions and discoveries of Archimedes, Tesla, or Elon Musk.

While non-white races are permitted to segregate themselves from outsiders by forming their own enclaves and caucuses, whites are forced to accept integration with other groups. This has the effect of undermining white culture and social cohesion by some of the same methods by which Native American tribal identities were destroyed. Some would say, the goal is a gradual genocide and/or subjugation of whites, so that they can be replaced by (((a new ruling class))).

The suicide rate among men is higher than the suicide rate among women, which may be related to the fact that men are expected to shoulder the same responsibilities and burdens as at any other time in history, without getting any commensurate privileges or even recognition in return. In the schools, boys are labeled as disordered for wanting to be boisterous and physically active rather than sitting quietly like girls. Men convicted of crimes are sentenced to longer prison terms than women, and men who are divorced are more likely to have to pay child support without getting to see their children than are women. The overall message that this sends men is that their own happiness does not matter, because their only purpose is to be enslaved to others without having any rights of their own.

A growing number of young men are reporting having had no sex in the past year, as young women are encouraged to focus on education and careers, while having casual sex rather than settling down with a marriageworthy man. America is becoming a society like China’s or India’s, where the surplus of young men lacking wives creates a situation where mothers feel overburdened by taking care of their adult sons, who often suffer from depression and social marginalization.

There is a possibility that as this situation worsens, the rate of non-marital rape in the U.S. will increase. A South China Morning Post article notes that in a conservative part of northern India, with 7,000 villages with as many as 150 to 200 surplus single men each, “packs of men, fuelled by cheap liquor, often take to the street to chase and pressure young women.”

In the U.S., where the problem of too many unmarried young men is called involuntary celibacy, or inceldom, online communities have emerged that encourage men to look to rape or suicide as proper responses to their sexual frustration. These men are refusing to stoically resign themselves to years of celibacy as their female “peers” play the role of sexual playtoy for whatever men excite them, and to then pick up the bill when it comes due, by accepting the emotional and psychological baggage these women carry afterwards.

Feminists have responded with calls for deplatforming disgruntled men who have taken to the blogosphere and Internet forums to vent their frustration, but such censorship only covers up the symptoms of the problem, rather than curing it. The potential remains that as American society disintegrates, and birth rates continue to fall, a religion such as Islam, with more fecund adherents and a stronger emphasis on obedience and patriarchy, will come to dominate. But then western civilization as we know it would cease to exist, with the U.S. becoming merely another Egypt or Turkey, having lost the characteristics that made it such an economic and military powerhouse and source of cultural innovation during its golden age.

Unfortunately, the political will to solve our society’s problems, which are at the root of the rising suicide rates, is lacking. The political courage to honestly identify and address the sources of increasing social alienation, which cause so much despair and resulting suicidal ideation, does not exist. We are constrained by political correctness from even having a frank conversation about the issues that trouble our society.

A growing number of people, therefore, are concluding that the only escape from their miserable and hopeless lives is suicide. Shows like the Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why, which glamorize teen suicide and present it as the appropriate response by victims of bullying and sexual assault, have begun popularizing the notion that at the individual level, trying to fix our situations is hopeless, and therefore we may as well try to make a difference by using suicide to draw needed attention to the flaws in our culture and institutions.

This is the point which discourse, or lack thereof, in American society has reached – where people feel so alienated and disenfranchised that they see little option but to resort to suicide as a way to make their voices heard rather than suffering any longer a meaningless and pointless existence. But of course, even in a relatively healthy society, there will be a certain number of misfits – people who due to some abnormality find themselves unable to conform to society’s expectations. For them to kill themselves is essentially to commit a post-birth self-abortion. Legal recognition of a right to do so would acknowledge that not all defects can be detected during gestation.

Assisted suicide is easier than unassisted suicide, since a person who lacks ability or competence in other areas of life, to the point that suicide seems like the best option, may also have trouble killing himself without help. Much equipment, such as guns, that are used for killing, are also designed more for homicide than for suicide. Even the state, with all its resources, often has trouble carrying out executions without botching them, so one can imagine how difficult it might be for an individual, perhaps suffering from disabilities, to figure out how to end his own life. Most suicide attempts, in fact, are unsuccessful, and many leave the attempter with serious, sometimes even crippling, injuries.

For all these reasons, I call on you to introduce legislation legalizing suicide, including assisted suicide, in Virginia.


Nathan Larson

I went ahead and voted against Sheriff Mosier today

I voted for the other guy, Chris Cochrane. The main reason is, the local cops raided my house last August, and I still haven’t gotten my stuff back that they took, even though they haven’t pressed any charges. That happened on Mosier’s watch, and I wrote him a letter complaining about it, and as far as I know, nothing was done about this. I was reading:

Cochrane, head of security at Highland School and a retired Fairfax County police lieutenant, has announced he’s running for sheriff in 2019.


Cochrane, a resident of Fauquier for 20 years, lives in New Baltimore with his wife Chantel, a captain in the Fairfax County Police Department, and their three children, ages 17, 15 and 10.

So basically, his wife is higher-ranking now that this guy has ever been in his career. Well, actually, they say he’s “Director of facilities and security department” so maybe he also does some maintenance/construction/etc. stuff. At any rate, I see in his platform one of his concerns is:

a. Lack of diversity in command ranks

i. 1 female commander in 16 identified command positions

ii. 51% of Fauquier is female

iii. 12% minority promotional rate in decision-making positions

Gee, I wonder who influenced his focus on that topic? Whatever, though; I’m still gonna vote against the incumbent as retribution for my getting fucked over by the local cops last year.

Anyway, I just wonder how these relationships go where the wife is higher-status than her husband. This guy was head of a full-time SWAT team, so maybe he is pretty alpha. I wonder if that makes up for the fact that these days, he’s just a school security guy.

I had one friend whose wife had a more impressive career than his (she was a university professor, and he was a music therapist and later a teacher at an alternative school). She seemed okay with it for awhile, but eventually came to regard him as a loser and told him she was ready to sign divorce paperwork whenever he wanted to give it to her. He didn’t have to actually unplug the car battery to keep her from leaving, but basically the message there, I’m thinking, is, “Don’t think you can blackmail me with divorce threats, because I’ll call your bluff.”

Anyway, apparently the newspaper account that said he has three kids forgot about his other kid, because I read elsewhere that he has “four children, ages 9 to 17.” These days, so many kids get taken away from their parents and given to others, I have to wonder, are those even his kids, or is he another adoptive parent? Without knowing, I can’t really give him props for knocking up his wife four times, as I otherwise might.

That’s about all I have to say about that. I also voted for Eric Maybach for Commissioner of Revenue, just because he’s more of an outsider. He’s probably someone with more experience paying taxes than doing assessments, so from a citizen’s standpoint, maybe he’s the better guy to have in that position. Anyway, I’m ready to break up the establishment however I can; and anyone who has hung around “paying their dues,” working their way up the bureaucratic ladder, is probably somewhat part of the good ol’ boys’ network; they’ve probably had to kowtow to those in authority.

I’d rather get someone in there who hasn’t been broken in that way. Of course, he’s still gonna have to listen to the career people under him, and maybe they’ll end up breaking him anyway. That’s how it is with the deep state, even at the local level.

The reason it’s illegal for anyone to kill themselves, is to prevent a slippery slope.

It’s kinda like abortion. It used to be that abortion was totally illegal. Then they said, we’ll allow abortion to protect the health of the mother. Then they said, we’ll also allow abortion in cases of rape or incest.

Next thing you knew, abortion was available in every situation, and millions of women were getting abortions. It turned out, if you allow abortion in any situation at all (e.g. if the kid has Down’s syndrome), then suddenly all women are demanding the right to an abortion if they want one, even if their kid isn’t defective. Once you open the door just a crack, by making one exception, then everyone else wants an exception made for them too.

It’s the same way with suicide. If you let one guy who’s stuck in a wheelchair and totally miserable kill himself, then suddenly everyone else is going to want to be allowed to have suicide rights too. Teenagers who broke up with their girlfriend will want to be allowed to commit suicide, and pretty soon, millions of people will be killing themselves.

So, just like the Catholic Chuch says, “Abortion is always sinful, even if we already know the kid is going to be born brain-damaged,” people also say, “Suicide is always wrong, even if your life seems totally fucked up and not headed for any improvement.” They don’t want to open the door even a crack, to allowing the idea that maybe some people would be better off dead; because once they do that, they’re going to be overwhelmed with people asking for the right to die, and claiming their circumstances would justify suicide.

So what they do, is say, “Everyone’s life is precious, and no one should kill themselves. There’s always hope for everyone,” even though they know that’s not always true. It’s like how the Catholics say, “Every baby is sacred, even if it’s going to be born blind and retarded and half-paralyzed for life and will cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

So it’s basically the same concept as, “The reason I’m not going to share my potato chips with you, is that if I gave one to you, I’d have to give one to everybody else.”

If we gave suicide to one person, we’d have to give it to everybody else.